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Conflict Materials Policy

Metalysis is a technology company that is revolutionising the metals industry through the exploitation of the Metalysis Process to produce lower cost, higher purity and more environmentally friendly metals and alloys.

We are committed to ensuring the safety, health and protection of people and the environment around the world. As responsible global citizens we are continually striving to meet and exceed governmental and environmental standards throughout the world.

We are aware that rebel groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are financed among other things by illegal mining of minerals e.g. coltan ore, causing irreversible and unacceptable damage to people and nature in this region in the process.

Therefore, our position regarding the purchasing, processing and subsequent re-sale of Tantalum or coltan from the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjoining countries is as follows:

  • We reject any potential supply of material if there is a possibility that the source is not following the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development  (OECD) due diligence guidance for responsible mineral supply chain activities related to conflict-affected and high-risk areas.
  • We require certification of origin and statements from our vendors of their ethical policy and intention to not knowingly source and subsequently re-sell on to Metalysis any ore that compromises Metalysis conflict materials policy.

Metalysis will therefore not knowingly purchase or process any tantalum from unlawful or unethical sources in any part of the world.

Metalysis fully supports efforts to enforce initiatives that protect the environment and rejects all unlawful and immoral activities surrounding the use and production of coltan mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjoining countries.