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Tantalum has been chosen because it is a relatively low volume, niche material with a correspondingly high value.

The total demand for tantalum worldwide is around 2,000 tonnes a year (source Roskill).   One of the markets Metalysis plans to supply is high-grade tantalum for capacitors used in the electronics industry. Metalysis is producing sample volumes of capacitor and metallurgical grade tantalum in its development cell. The samples are being supplied to partners for characterisation and further development work. 


Metallurgical Grade

Metallurgical grade tantalum is used in applications that include liners in chemical reaction vessels (corrosion resistance to both acids and alkalines), components in jet engines including turbine blades (creep resistance), biotechnology (biostability) and in sputtering targets (electronic industry).


Electronics Grade

Tantalum is used in capacitors for light and small, high value electrical devices such as Ultra books, tablet computers, mp3 players and Pacemakers. The value of tantalum is dependent on purity and physical properties, including surface area, packing density, particle size distribution and flow. Metalysis can control and alter the surface area of its powders during the reduction process, thus producing powders to suit market requirements.

For more information about or quotations for our tantalum products, please contact Mr Ian Margerison, via email (ian.margerison@metalysis.com)