Metal defines who we are, not just as a business but as a species. There’s a reason that the major ages of human history are named for the metals on which each epoch built its success: the Copper Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, and our own Silicon Age.

Our visionary approach to innovation defines who we are, and continues to redefine expectations in our industry.

Our processes are less energy intensive and less wasteful than anything that has come before. From mining to metal, we strive to minimise our impact on the world around us.

From ore extracted deep beneath Africa to rockets pushing to the far-flung reaches of space. From the cradle of mankind to the furthest frontiers. We’re always pushing past the limits of what is humanly possible, without losing touch with our humanity.

We are Metalysis: extraction refined.

New metals today for a cleaner tomorrow


Underneath the industrial veneer lies an elegance in Metalysis’ product range which caters to the exciting world of innovation in material science. The Metalysis Process is unconstrained by traditional alloying limitations.


Our industry is famously wasteful, operating for decades in environmentally and ethically questionable ways. We explore, develop and adopt new processes to delivery premium quality critical metals as sustainably as possible.

Supply chain security

We are addressing one of the most significant industrial geopolitical problems of the modern age using our vertically integrated supply chain, value-enhancing innovations, and product families unrestricted by competitor pressures.

About Us

Canadian and British entrepreneurs, James Reimer and Ray Power, founded PRG PLC in 2015 by merging their respective companies.

Sharing a passion for human rights and the desire to bring new industrial technologies to market, they merged James’ East African tantalum business and Ray’s mineral processing consultancy and mining business. This formed the basis from which they would pioneer what is arguably becoming one of the most ambitious and innovative private industrial high technology companies of the modern era.

Shortly after their merger, PRG acquired a Slovenian mining exploration and geotechnical services business, Gecko, to pursue the development of upstream mining assets for critical metals. At the same time, PRG also acquired a significant stake in Gravity Mining Ltd from Cornwall, England and proceeded to develop its own mines in Rwanda and Guinea Bissau.

Moving up the value chain, PRG built its first wet chemistry tantalum and niobium oxide refinery in Gostivar, Macedonia, in 2016 and secured a world leading tantalum capacitor producer as a customer while it developed capacitor grade tantalum powders. In 2017 it committed to invest in an additional tantalum refinery in Rwanda which is presently under construction.

Meanwhile, Metalysis, formed in 2001, was independently developing the Fray Farthing Chen Process, (FFC Process), and had scaled up from experimental through to industrial levels via four generation iterations over a period of eighteen years and over $100m of investment. In July 2019, PRG acquired Metalysis to complement the vision for an end to end high technology supply chain.

Preserving the British identity and brand, PRG rebranded the group to Metalysis and Reimer and Power continue to lead this vertically integrated technology company in the strategic direction consistent with their vision.

Our Vision

Our Values

Protecting human rights and our planet while leading the way in innovation in mine-to-metal production

Our commitment to precision planning and manufacturing goes way beyond delivering the highest quality alloys; it is revolutionising our industry. Our efforts to monitor every step of our supply chain benefit Metalysis’, our clients’, and our employees’ confidence in the future. They support our belief in our stewardship responsibilities: by minimising waste, innovating processes for carbon reduction and water management, we can take care of people and the planet.
Beyond Metalysis’ process is the growing additive manufacturing industry which, by definition reduces waste and, properly harnessed, can substantially reduce the carbon footprint of end products. We seek to play a leading role in developing advanced materials for the AM industry to complement our sustainability values.

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