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Underneath the industrial veneer lies an elegance in the Metalysis product range which caters to the exciting world of innovation in material science. The Metalysis Process is unconstrained by traditional alloying limitations.



The Metalysis product range and patented technology offers the world a new generation of metallic and intermetallic powders and alloys as well as high-entropy alloys which have never been possible to produce using traditional methods.

Metalysis deploys solid-state alloying of elements with different physical and chemical properties, overcoming the limitations facing traditional alloy manufacturers and applicable to 49 elements of the periodic table.


Our technology and products are used in all sorts of innovative businesses that are key to the future: electronics, consumer-tech, clean energy, 3D printing, 3D medical printing and the efficient and clean aerospace and automotive industries.


The age of critical metals is with us. With recent policy changes by western governments regarding critical materials ensuring an integrated supply chain from mine to metal is a national security issue for many countries.

Metalysis is an active partner with the UK and allied international governments as they seek to outline the policy and industry frameworks for these critical materials. Metalysis is a key midstream player central to de-risking ongoing threats to critical material supply chains – particularly in REEs.

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