New metals today for a cleaner tomorrow

Underneath the industrial veneer lies an elegance in the Metalysis product range which caters to the exciting world of innovation in material science. The Metalysis Process is unconstrained by traditional alloying limitations.



Protecting human rights and our planet while leading the way in innovation in mine-to-metal production

Our commitment to precision planning and manufacturing goes way beyond delivering the highest quality alloys; it is revolutionising our industry. Our efforts to monitor every step of our supply chain benefit Metalysis’, our clients’, and our employees’ confidence in the future. They support our belief in our stewardship responsibilities: by minimising waste, innovating processes for carbon reduction and water management, we can take care of people and the planet.
Beyond Metalysis’ process is the growing additive manufacturing industry which, by definition reduces waste and, properly harnessed, can substantially reduce the carbon footprint of end products. We seek to play a leading role in developing advanced materials for the AM industry to complement our sustainability values.