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Australian Mines’ scandium oxide verified by Metalysis for Phase II development of next-generation scandium alloy

By 7th November 2018Newest

Metalysis’ partner, Australian Mines (ASX: AUZ), has today provided an update on the companies’ high value aluminium-scandium (“AlSc”) alloy research and development (“R&D”) programme.


  • Australian Mines’ produced high purity (in excess of 99.9%, or 3N) scandium oxide qualified by international partner, Metalysis, using its process, as a feedstock for next-generation scandium alloy
  • Australian Mines is progressing to Phase II R&D in partnership with Metalysis; the high value aluminium-scandium alloy feedstock continues to present excellent launch product potential for Metalysis’ industrial plant

Ian Mellor, Managing Director of Metalysis’ Materials Discovery Centre, commented:
“We are pleased by the rapid progress made during first phase R&D with Australian Mines. The provision of high quality scandium oxide from the Sconi project has enabled our teams to make a strong start and quickly complete proof-of-principle activities for the alloy feedstock addition using Metalysis’ process.
“We look forward to reporting results to come as, together, we target the development of a high value AlSc alloy in sync with Australian Mines’ production plans for Sconi, and Metalysis’ production plans for Generation 4.”

Australian Mines’ Managing Director, Benjamin Bell, commented:
“I am delighted that we have continued to make progress in our work with Metalysis and explore the potential to unlock additional economic value from scandium oxide to be produced at Sconi.
“By being involved in full end-to-end production this represents an appealing value proposition for our investors as opposed to the more typical mining and shipping ore approach. The fact that our scandium oxide product has been verified as meeting the specifications required to produce a master alloy puts us in an extremely strong position in our negotiations with potential scandium oxide off-take partners.”

Australian Mines’ announcement may be viewed in full here 

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