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Meta Material DOOEL | Franc Mesesnel 2 1000 Skopje

Meta Material

Meta Material produce high grade specialised materials for use in the electronics, aerospace, medical, science and construction industries, specializing in Tantalum and associated intermediary products. In its metallic form, Tantalum has the appearance of a dense, shiny silver metal. Its unique characteristics include an extremely high melting point, a resistance to almost all acids (with the exception of Hydrofluoric acid) and is highly corrosion resistant.

Due to these qualities, Tantalum is widely used in the electronics industry. It forms an oxidising layer which is highly dielectric thereby creating high capacitance, even when applied as a relatively thin coating. It is therefore a vital material for the production of electronic devices such as mobile phones and has been an essential element in the global technology revolution.

Because Tantalum is highly temperature and corrosion resistant, it is widely used in the aerospace industry as it can be employed in diverse and demanding environments such as the nose cones of supersonic aircraft, coating jet engine turbine blades, and nozzles.

Tantalum causes no immune reaction in mammals and so is also used in the creation of medical prosthetics. It has been used to bind nerves and abdominal muscles and replace bone.

Tantalum is very rarely found on its own naturally. It occurs mainly in combination with the mineral columbite-tantalite, which contains other metals as well. It is most commonly found with niobium and indeed, as these elements similar qualities. The very unique properties of Tantalum make it an highly specialised material requiring very specific processes in order to refine into the various forms required by industry. Meta Materials are an established leader in this field, with a proprietary process that produces material to suit the wide range of specifications required by our customers.

Meta Material provide Tantalum, Niobium and secondary products such as Calcium Fluoride and derivatives. We are able to meet even the most demanding specification requirements as required by our customers.

Plans, Policies and Reports

The Company management systems contain strong integration with compliance requirements with integrated risk management and the oversight of third party organisations to ensure total compliance with OECD Guidelines. To meet our obligations under the program we utilise information and third party oversight provided by ITSCi, BSP (RSC GLOBAL) and RMI, the Responsible Minerals Initiative, covering the entire supply chain, from mining to refining. Being a fully integrated compliance system, the management system covers all aspects of the Company involvement with any possibly conflict affected or high risk source of minerals and ensures continuous improvement of these systems on a continual basis.


Meta Material DOOEL | Franc Mesesnel 2 1000 Skopje