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Metalysis has a focused strategy and track- record for supporting space exploration – a $336 billion market. The application of Metalysis terrestrial technology drives a focused Space Tech strategy with a clear 5-year focus on the Moon, 5-10 years focus on asteroid metals and Mars – which will support rocket refuelling, life support, infrastructure, equipment production and restitution of assets and technology to the earth.
Metalysis’ successful collaboration with the European Space Agency in 2020/21, in a competitive procurement process, commenced this strategy and has resulted in the extraction of metal and oxygen from replicated lunar rock.
In-Situ Resource Utilisation (ISRU), i.e. the ability to simultaneously extract oxygen, in conjunction with producing usable metal powders on the moon is vital for future space exploration and habitation, being essential for sustainable long duration activities in space and used for life support on the moon or for visiting space craft.
Lunar regolith consists of about 45% oxygen, and the separation and capture of this using the Metalysis process would negate the need to carry oxygen from Earth (an expensive and environmentally damaging proposition) to the moon and beyond.
Metalysis’ partnership with the European Space Agency in its ongoing project to explore composites, additive manufacturing and oxygen production on the moon can be read here: (Media coverage).

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